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PostSubject: MAIN RULES   Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:00 pm

Here are main board rules and responsiblities for breaking them.

1. RECPECT OTHER MEMBERS! It means that harrasing other members because of their nationality, sexual orientation, opinions or religions. = ban
2. Do not spam and offtopic. = warning
3. Do not double post. Double post is allowed only from uptades like arts, rules etc.= warning
4. Do not steal other people's works. It includes artwork, icons and graphics taken without permission. Use anime, games and manga images instead. = warning and of course these images will be removed.
6. No text talking and capslock.= warning
7. Do not post sexual, racists, offensive content.= ban
8. In forum discussion not write posts like "yes" ot "I agree". They're making so sense and brings nothings in discussion. = warning

Note: Admins are allowed to change the rules.
5 warnings = ban


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