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 Roleplay rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay rules   Roleplay rules EmptyMon Feb 08, 2010 11:16 pm

Here are ropleplay rules. All members must read it before creating charactes.

1. Of course follow the main rules.
2. Only pokemons allowed
3. Do not overpower your character.
4. Do not kill someone else's character. Killing is allowed only if character's owner agrees to it. Then you must let me know.
5. No legendary pokemon allowed.
6. Do not play anime or manga characters(lile Ash's Pikachu), but it's okay to play clones. Only one clone per person!
7. Do not make evil characters that loves to kill or terrorize other pokemon.
8. Pokemon can have some different markings and it's okay to play shinies, but unnatural colors like green Umbreon are not allowed.
9. Your character can be in one place at the time.
10. Let's be more realistic. Every pokemon with fangs can bite and every pokemon with claws can scratch, so there is no need to write these moves in move list.

Roleplay rules Sakujobannercopy
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Roleplay rules
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